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Meeting Matthew – Waxahachie, TX Home Birth Photographer

When I am on call for a birth I try my best to shower daily, wear real clothes and eat normal meals. It seems that the moment I decide to stay up extra late watching TV or chatting with a friend moms decide that’s the perfect time to go into labor. One time, I had a friend in town for 2 days and I thought, “What are the chances that she will go into labor tonight?” So I made the brave choice to stay up till 2am talking… then my phone rang at 4am and they were heading into the hospital.

The afternoon Brittany went into labor I had just showered, done my makeup, put on clean clothes and was preparing dinner when she casually said, “I think I’m in labor if you want to come take a few pictures.”  She’s one of those people who sits around and smiles while she’s laboring or cooks people dinner. I know, it’s so not fair. (I am one of those people who will physically hurt you if you get too close to me while I’m in labor. Sorry mom.) She also timed it perfectly so I didn’t have to worry about childcare because Chris was just about to get off of work. Basically this was the best case scenario.

When I arrived Noah was napping on her belly and she was just chatting and contracting. Seriously, if she hadn’t told me I would have had no idea she was in labor. For the next few hours we played, talked and laughed while she labored and she kept saying, “I don’t know if I’m actually in labor, maybe we shouldn’t call the midwife yet.” Then out of nowhere she says, “I think I waited too long, I feel like I need to push.” What?!?! Push?!?! The next hour was a bit of a blur, I was helping watch the boys while we waited everyone to show up. Thankfully with about 30 minutes to spare the team arrived.

I stopped by the next morning for a little bit to capture the boys meeting their new little brother. They were so proud to hold him and kiss his little body.


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  1. I am like you, “I am one of those people who will physically hurt you if you get too close to me while I’m in labor.” I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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