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Meeting Madelyn – Ft. Worth, TX Birth Photographer

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big believer in taking control of your birth experience. Finding a provider who you trust and who will support your goals during labor and delivery will make all the difference. Often times during a hospital birth mothers are confined to a hospital bed during labor and especially during the pushing and delivery of the baby. However, when a woman is empowered to listen to her body and allowed to move freely during contractions, she will begin to work with her body and instinct will guide her.

Another important factor in taking control of your birth is a committed birth parter or labor support. For some people that is a spouse or family member and others choose to hire a doula. Labor is a long exhausting process so it’s important to have someone reliable to work through contractions with and be encouraging during the times of fear and doubt.

Calvin and NiCole are loyal clients, wonderful people, and really, REALLY amazing friends. You may remember them from the blog last year when I took their family pictures right before their daughter, Brooklyn’s, heart surgery. They recently moved back to our area (yay!!!) and asked me to take photos at the birth of their sweet Madelyn.

They chose to have the baby in a hospital under the care of a midwife who supported her wish to deliver the baby unmedicated if possible. NiCole was able to change positions as needed and ended up laboring on the pull out couch/bed and on the floor next to the bed. Calvin guided her through each contraction, helping her remember to breath and relax. When it was time to push she was able to stay right where she was and safely delivered Madelyn next to the hospital bed. Then, shortly after the birth, NiCole shared an herbal bath with baby Madelyn which helps promote healing and bonding between mom and baby.

Whether you choose to birth in the hospital, home, or birthing center, be informed and take control of you birth experience-whatever that looks like for you.



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