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Meeting Hudson – Dallas, TX Birth Photographer

If anyone is questioning whether women are as strong as men, go watch a woman labor for a few hours (or even a few contractions!) and you’ll have your answer.

Ashley desperately wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) after having a c-section with her first daughter a couple of years ago. She had a plan in place and tried her best to avoid an induction, but Hudson was a stubborn fellow. She ended up being induced and worked like a champ with her doula, Shelly, and midwife, Amy, along with her husband Kyle and a team of amazing nurses who supported her goals to labor without medication. We all knew that there was a chance that things wouldn’t go as planned as she would end up with a c-section despite her best efforts.

After several hours of hard labor Ashley finally made it to 10 centimeters and was able to push. We were all so excited for her and optimistic that she would be able to avoid a c-section. Amy was keeping a close eye on Hudson’s heart rate during the pushing when suddenly his heart rate started to accelerate to unsafe levels. We were all disappointed to see Ashley work so hard and not achieve her VBAC, but were so thankful to have a provider who recognized the warning signs and made a tough call in order to keep Hudson safe.

Amy made the right call and Hudson was born just in time. When he was born he wasn’t breathing and the NICU team worked quickly to clear his airways. After a few minutes, that seemed like hours, we finally heard his precious cries and Kyle was able to hold Hudson while the doctors finished working on Ashley.

To read the full story jump over to Ashley’s blog:




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