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Meeting Ella – Dallas, TX Birth Photographer

The birth of Ella was a fast one and then a slow one and then a fast one again. Alice called me and said she was heading to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily for me that means my husband can watch the kids, there is no traffic, and I can make the drive to the hospital quietly and with little stress. When I arrived at the hospital she was working hard and making progress. In the hour from the time she contacted me till I walked in the door, she had dilated quickly. Then… things slowed down and she was able to relax a little before meeting her sweet Ella.

When Alice was about to deliver the on call doctor arrived which turned out to be a midwife! I was jumping for joy inside (midwives tend to be super accommodating of birth photographers) and I knew she would give Alice a great birth experience. I was not wrong in the least! Her delivery was very smooth and she was immediately able to do extended skin to skin time and nurse uninterrupted for the first 2 hours after Ella was born. She  arrived, happy, healthy and with a full head of hair. It was a joy to see Alice and Mike so elated to meet their sweet, little girl.

The great part about Ella being born in the morning was that her siblings were able to come and meet her while I was there. They were absolutely beaming from the moment they walked in the room!

Alice Chin WP-1 Alice Chin WP-2 Alice Chin WP-3 Alice Chin WP-4 Alice Chin WP-5 Alice Chin WP-6 Alice Chin WP-7 Alice Chin WP-8 Alice Chin WP-9 Alice Chin WP-10 Alice Chin WP-11 Alice Chin WP-12 Alice Chin WP-13 Alice Chin WP-14 Alice Chin WP-15 Alice Chin WP-16 Alice Chin WP-17 Alice Chin WP-18 Alice Chin WP-19 Alice Chin WP-20 Alice Chin WP-21 Alice Chin WP-22 Alice Chin WP-23 Alice Chin WP-24 Alice Chin WP-25 Alice Chin WP-26 Alice Chin WP-27 Alice Chin WP-28 Alice Chin WP-29 Alice Chin WP-30 Alice Chin WP-31 Alice Chin WP-32 Alice Chin WP-33 Alice Chin WP-34Alice Chin WP-39 Alice Chin WP-38Alice Chin WP-35Alice Chin WP-36Alice Chin WP-37Alice Chin WP-40 Alice Chin WP-41


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