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Nashville in the Fall

It’s February in Texas which means that everyone is thinking about spring weather, summer vacation, and lots of time outside. Being from all over the place, I used to consider myself a cold weather girl. I would make fun of all my Texas friends when they would pull out their jackets when it got anywhere in the 60’s, talk about my love for snow and freezing temperatures while balking at the thought of never getting to wear my favorite boots because it “wasn’t cold enough yet.” Fast forward almost 7 years and I am that  person I used to make fun of! Of course I have kids now and cold weather is just hard with little ones, but I find myself more and more enjoying the warm weather. It’s February for crying out loud and I’m already planning my trip to the zoo on Thursday to enjoy the 80 degree temperatures!

All my Alaska friends would be so ashamed.

Of all the seasons though, fall has always been my favorite. Living in Alaska for 5 years probably gave me this love for fall. The colors are so bright and vibrant and the air is crisp and clear. It also only lasts about 5 minutes before it turns into bitter cold.

Ever since we moved down south we have missed those beautiful fall colors, so for our 5th anniversary this past fall we decided to visit Nashville, Tennessee to see if we could catch a glimpse. We spent  months researching the best places to visit, best time of year to go, and the most delicious food for our trip. Of course Chris had to find about 15 coffee shops for us to try out. We also made a point to go to the movies every day.

I’m terrible about asking people to take photos of me so almost all the photos are scenery or Chris. I can’t wait to go back some day, hopefully we will time it just a little better on our next trip so we can catch fall in full bloom.

(I made a point to leave my camera in our room or bring the Polaroid so that I would enjoy our time together and not just take cool pictures. Needless to say, there are gaps in what I captured. I’m okay with that though.)



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