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Ray Wedding – Corsicana TX, Wedding Photographer

Maddie and Cody were married just outside of Corsicana on a warm spring evening. With all the rain Texas has been getting for the past couple of months we were seriously worried that the wedding was just going to be a soggy mess. Not good when the ceremony and reception are both outdoors and there is no indoor space to hold the wedding guests. Thankfully we had some sun and some clouds throughout the day and everything turned out so beautiful. With the help of friends and family, Maddie and her Mom put together all the details of the wedding in just a few short weeks. I was able to rearrange my schedule a bit to shoot the wedding and enlisted the help of Lauren, from Zuka Creative, to be my second shooter.

There were so many special elements to Maddie and Cody’s wedding, but one of my favorites was when Maddie’s great aunt brought her “something old.” She gave her two coins, one that had been passed down through the family for weddings from 1932 and another was a coin from the year her mother was born. Another was the anniversary dance where all the married couples danced with the bride and groom. The couple who had been married longest was left dancing at the end and it was Cody’s grandparents. I hope to look at my husband that way after 46 years of marriage!

It was so touching to see this family come together and throw a beautiful wedding for Cody and Maddie. May you have many years of happiness together.Ray WeddingWP-32 Ray WeddingWP-33 Ray WeddingWP-34 Ray WeddingWP-22 Ray WeddingWP-66 Ray WeddingWP-21 Ray WeddingWP-2 Ray WeddingWP-3 Ray WeddingWP-5 Ray WeddingWP-10 Ray WeddingWP-63 Ray WeddingWP-62 Ray WeddingWP-64 Ray WeddingWP-36 Ray WeddingWP-35 Ray WeddingWP-37 Ray WeddingWP-11 Ray WeddingWP-14 Ray WeddingWP-13 Ray WeddingWP-16 Ray WeddingWP-15 Ray WeddingWP-18 Ray WeddingWP-19 Ray WeddingWP-17 Ray WeddingWP-20 Ray WeddingWP-8 Ray WeddingWP-6 Ray WeddingWP-9 Ray WeddingWP-7 Ray WeddingWP-24 Ray WeddingWP-23 Ray WeddingWP-25 Ray WeddingWP-26 Ray WeddingWP-27 Ray WeddingWP-28 Ray WeddingWP-29 Ray WeddingWP-30 Ray WeddingWP-31 Ray WeddingWP-38 Ray WeddingWP-39 Ray WeddingWP-40 Ray WeddingWP-52 Ray WeddingWP-59 Ray WeddingWP-60 Ray WeddingWP-57 Ray WeddingWP-50 Ray WeddingWP-54 Ray WeddingWP-49 Ray WeddingWP-46 Ray WeddingWP-51 Ray WeddingWP-48 Ray WeddingWP-53 Ray WeddingWP-44 Ray WeddingWP-45 Ray WeddingWP-41 Ray WeddingWP-42 Ray WeddingWP-55 Ray WeddingWP-56


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