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Snow Day – Waxahachie, TX Family Photographer

This has been a weird week. It started off with a snow day.

We had been anxiously watching the weather all week as soon as we saw the little snowflake appear on Monday’s forecast in the weather app. Like most forecasts in Texas, you can’t really rely on anything that is said (no offense weather forecasters), but most people start to get their hopes up as soon as anyone even mentions the chance of snow. I made the mistake of telling Lyla there would be snow in the morning the last time it said “100% change of snow” only to hold her sobbing in the morning when there wasn’t a single snowflake on the ground. I’ve learned my lesson. But sure enough, it rained all night Sunday and everything froze over, followed by snow. Tuesday, more snow and even more frozen. Then it melts and freezes and snows again on Wednesday. Thursday was mostly normal, with a few flakes here and there. Then again this morning it started snowing during breakfast and is only just now letting up.

To me there is something so peaceful about the snow. After living in Alaska for 5 years, I’ve definitely seen my fair share and it brings back so many memories when I get the rare chance of experiencing it again. When I was in college I used to go sit in the local coffee shop right by the window and do homework on Saturday afternoons. I can remember so vividly looking out that window and watching the snow gracefully drop to the ground as I studied. The world always seems so quiet when it snows.

I don’t know who was more excited to go out in the snow this morning, me or the kids. They ran, jumped, ate, and got really cold. It was so fun to share this with them.Lyla & Paisley snow-1 Lyla & Paisley snow-2 Lyla & Paisley snow-3 Lyla & Paisley snow-4 Lyla & Paisley snow-5 Lyla & Paisley snow-6 Lyla & Paisley snow-7 Lyla & Paisley snow-8 Lyla & Paisley snow-9 Lyla & Paisley snow-10 Lyla & Paisley snow-11 Lyla & Paisley snow-12 Lyla & Paisley snow-13 Lyla & Paisley snow-14 Lyla & Paisley snow-15 Lyla & Paisley snow-16 Lyla & Paisley snow-17 Lyla & Paisley snow-18 Lyla & Paisley snow-19 Lyla & Paisley snow-20 Lyla & Paisley snow-21 Lyla & Paisley snow-23 Lyla & Paisley snow-22


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