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Carlson Wedding – Humble, TX Wedding Photographer

Over the summer I met Katelyn for the first time over a cup of coffee. She told me all about her wonderful finance, Eric, (whose friends all call Ruckus) how they met, and the life they were starting to plan together. Because they would be getting married in the Houston area (and I’m in south Dallas) I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to meet the groom until the wedding day. From the very beginning of our conversation I could tell they had a very special relationship and deep commitment to their faith individually and together. Being that fall is my favorite time of year, I was very excited to hear they would be getting married at the end of October with fall themed decor to match.

I really enjoy shooting outdoor weddings; especially outdoor wedding at sunset with lots of personal touches. The Carlson wedding was personalized from start to finish. The ceremony was filled with elements that celebrated their faith and selflessness towards each other. It continued at the reception with wooden face cutouts of the couple for guests to take pictures in, Katelyn serenading Ruckus with an a cappella group, cake smashing, a fire show and party popper exit. It was quite a memorable evening for everyone in attendance. A big thanks to my second shooter and assistant for the day, Matt, you were a huge help!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Carlson, I wish you all the best in your new life together.

CarlsonWP-2 CarlsonWP-1 CarlsonWP-3 CarlsonWP-4 CarlsonWP-5 CarlsonWP-6 CarlsonWP-7 CarlsonWP-8 CarlsonWP-9 CarlsonWP-10 CarlsonWP-11 CarlsonWP-13 CarlsonWP-14 CarlsonWP-15 CarlsonWP-16 CarlsonWP-17 CarlsonWP-18 CarlsonWP-19 CarlsonWP-20 CarlsonWP-21 CarlsonWP-22 CarlsonWP-23 CarlsonWP-24 CarlsonWP-25 CarlsonWP-26 CarlsonWP-27 CarlsonWP-28 CarlsonWP-29 CarlsonWP-30 CarlsonWP-31 CarlsonWP-32 CarlsonWP-33 CarlsonWP-34 CarlsonWP-35 CarlsonWP-36 CarlsonWP-37 CarlsonWP-38 CarlsonWP-39 CarlsonWP-40 CarlsonWP-41 CarlsonWP-42 CarlsonWP-43 CarlsonWP-44 CarlsonWP-45 CarlsonWP-46 CarlsonWP-47 CarlsonWP-48 CarlsonWP-49 CarlsonWP-50 CarlsonWP-51 CarlsonWP-52 CarlsonWP-53 CarlsonWP-54 CarlsonWP-55 CarlsonWP-56 CarlsonWP-57 CarlsonWP-58 CarlsonWP-59 CarlsonWP-60 CarlsonWP-61 CarlsonWP-62 CarlsonWP-63 CarlsonWP-64 CarlsonWP-65 CarlsonWP-66 CarlsonWP-67 CarlsonWP-68 CarlsonWP-69 CarlsonWP-70 CarlsonWP-71 CarlsonWP-72 CarlsonWP-73 CarlsonWP-74 CarlsonWP-75


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  1. I am momma of Eric/Ruckus Carlson and an amateur photographer – which means I have more eye than talent 🙂 THANK YOU for capturing Eric and Katelyn’s wedding day SO BEAUTIFULLY and ARTISTICALLY. Somehow you captured the exact moments of emotion on Katelyn’s face. I will recommend you exclusively to anyone who asks!!

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